Best Cheap Microphone For YouTube In India 2019

Best Cheap Microphone For YouTube In India 2019
Best Cheap Microphone For YouTube In India 2019

There are many different types of videos on youtube and different microphones that work well for recording them. If you do not know where to buy the Best Cheap Microphone For YouTube beginners and make it online, you have found the ideal place.
To get the best sound you’ll need a selection of good quality microphones. 
What kind of videos you’ll be filming for YouTube because it will entail you to look into what type of microphone you should buy. There are many different types of videos on youtube and different microphones that work well for recording them.
In this site In our list, we guide you to select the Best Cheap Microphone For YouTube beginners. We are highlighting our favorite Best Cheap Microphone For YouTube In India 2019 by category so you can easily find which will be best for you. 
All youtube Beginners are looking for the best cheapest microphone, so you are here in the right place in 2019, and we will help you to get the Best Cheap Microphone For YouTube beginners with good sound. 

Basically, there are three types of microphones that are good for beginners Youtubers. 

Lavalier Microphone
The lavalier microphones are a small microphone. If you want to use your smartphone as a recording device then lavalier microphones are best for you.
Lavalier microphones are pretty small, lightweight and The clip can be directly attached to your clothes, connect it to your smartphone and record your videos. They are suitable and more versatile for beginners.

USB Microphone
USB Microphone is very useful for high-quality recordings. The USB microphone is more versatile. They are the best choice for gaming, live calls, streaming, YouTube videos, and more. USB microphone is made to record in front of your PC.

Shotgun Microphone
As directional microphones, Shotgun microphones are a good addition to any video, they have a great audio capture quality. You get several advantages when you use shotgun mics.  When you go to buy this you have to be careful because there are many low-quality shotguns mics are available in the market.

In this post you get The Best Cheap Microphone For YouTube In India 2019.

Lavalier Microphones:

1. Boya BYM1 with 20ft Audio Cable

Boya BY-M1 is an Omnidirectional lavaliere microphone, designed for Smartphones, DSLR, Camcorders, Audio recorders PC, etc., it is perfect for video use. With Omni pickup pattern, for full 360‚ coverage, it absolutely gives you the possibility to capture anything in your sight. Moreover, the integrated 6-meter (20) cable with 3.5mm 4-pole gold plug is just a second thing to be connected to your smartphones and most of your cameras. 100 percent a good choice to be picked. Super sound for presentations and video audio recorders. 

Kindly Note
For Smartphone: Switch off the microphone. Slide the ON/OFF up to OFF/Smartphone. 
The power is shut down for DSLR, Camcorders, audio recorders, PC, etc.: Switch on the microphone. Slide the ON/OFF up to ON. Clip-on mic for smartphones, DSLR, Camcorders, audio recorders, PC, etc. 
Omnidirectional condenser microphone. 
The quality condenser is ideal for video use. Low handling noise.
Transducer type: Electret condenser Polar Pattern: Omni-directional frequency range: 65Hz - 18KHz Signal/noise: 74dB SPL. Sensitivity: -30dB +/-3dB / 0dB - 1V/Pa, 1kHz. 
Output impedance: 1000 Ohm or less output connection: 3.5mm (1/8) 4-pole gold plug Battery Type: LR44 (Included) Dimension: Microphone:18.00mm x 8.30mm x 8.30mm. Audio cable: 20ft (6.00m) Weight: Microphone : 2.5g. 
Power module: 18g. 
Package contents: 1 Boya Omnidirectional Lavaliere condenser microphone-20ft audio cable, 1 lapel clip, 1 foam windscreen, 1 1/4 adapter, 1 LR44 battery, and 1 English user's manual.

 Best Cheap Microphone For YouTube In India 2019

2. Amputive Lapel

Best Cheap Microphone For YouTube In India 2019
Best Cheap Microphone For YouTube In India 2019

Its designed this microphone for people who are planning to launch their Youtube channel. This microphone works incredibly for lecture videos, Product review videos, Screencasting Videos, Vlogs, etc. As it is a lapel microphone you can easily tie the clip around your T-shirt/shirt and you are ready to record Crystal clear Audio with your Smartphone/DSLR/PC.

Although it is impossible for a lavalier microphone to completely eliminate external noise, but this mic is designed in such a way that the external noise can be reduced as much as you want. However, it is really important that you try to eliminate any other source of external noise such as Fans, coolers, Air conditioners, open windows, etc. to get the best audio quality, the noise which is still there can be edited with software like Audacity very easily.

The length of this microphone is around 2 meters which makes it perfect to record videos. The Anti-friction wire makes sure that you won’t get any electrical interference with the audio while recording a video and it also provides durability to the microphone.

Our Collar microphone is compatible with more than 90% of the devices out there, as the MICROPHONE SPLITTER CABLE comes along with the package so you can pretty much use this microphone with any device you want, be it Android smartphones, Laptops (use USB soundcard) , PC, and most of the DSLRs. However in some devices you may have to adjust some settings to make this work.

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3. Maono AU-400

Best Cheap Microphone For YouTube In India 2019
Best Cheap Microphone For YouTube In India 2019

4-pole jack is compatible for a Laptop which has only one audio male jack (input/output), iPhone Android Smartphone, PlayStation 4, this mini microphone is specially designed for smartphone, tablet, laptop, PS4 or Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime talking, YouTube recording, Podcasting, webinar.

The pin is thin enough to directly plug into your mobile 3.5mm headset jack even wearing a phone protector
It picks up sound equally from all around the microphone, allowing for versatility when mounting and ensuring a high degree of user-friendly operation.

With the help of 78 inches long cord, it makes the podcasting at a distance with your mobile much easier and easy clip on your tie or shirt collar for sound recording because of sturdy metal clip.

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USB Microphone:

1. Blue Snowball
Best Cheap Microphone For YouTube In India 2019
Best Cheap Microphone For YouTube In India 2019

Custom condenser capsule offers crystal clear audio for Skype, messages, and FaceTime.
Record vocals, create podcasts and add narration to your home movies.
Add crystal clear audio to recordings for YouTube.
Easy plug and play directly to your Mac or pc - no drivers to install
Ships with desktop stand and USB cable.
One can even record instruments, vocals and entire bands with stunning quality.

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2. Maono AU-A04 

Best Cheap Microphone For YouTube In India 2019
Best Cheap Microphone For YouTube In India 2019

This condenser microphone designed the internal with the professional sound chipset, with high-resolution sampling rate, with high-resolution sampling rate, the versatility of this condenser microphone is more than ideal for your home recordings, podcasts, and voiceovers.
The microphone has USB 2.0 data port is easy to connect with your computer, whatever window, mac, and Linux operation system, no need extra driver software required, plug and play, double shielding USB cable reduces interference.
With a pop filter and a foam windscreen, the condenser mic records your voice and the sound crystal clear, the shock mount holds the microphone steady with damping function.
For computer: Windows and Mac OS, for mobile phone: Android and iOS, but if you want to connect with phone, you need an OTG adapter (not included).
Packing list: Condenser mic, adjustable scissor arm stand, metal shock mount, pop filter, foam mic windscreen, table mounting clamp and USB-B to USB-A cable.

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3. Fifine K669B 

Best Cheap Microphone For YouTube In India 2019
Best Cheap Microphone For YouTube In India 2019

Plug and play USB recording microphone with 5.9 Foot USB Cable included for Computer PC, Laptop or PlayStation that connects directly to USB port for recording music, singing or podcast (Not compatible with Xbox and Mobile Phones).
Solid sturdy metal construction design microphone with stable tripod stand makes it convenient when you are doing voice-overs or live streams on YouTube.
Recording microphone with adjustable volume knob has a louder output and is more sensitive, works well when Gaming, Skyping, Voice recording and on Twitch, YouTube, Cortana, Discord and Voice chat
Cardioid polar pattern condenser microphone for computer captures your voice clearly producing smooth and crisp sound without static noise.
USB-powered design condenser microphone hence no need for any external power supply.
Great for gamers or streamers at isolating the sounds from the main source and separating them from any background noise.

Shotgun Microphone:

1. BOYA by-MM1
Best Cheap Microphone For YouTube In India 2019
Best Cheap Microphone For YouTube In India 2019

The BOYA BY-MM1 is a cardioid microphone, which specially designs to improve the sound quality of videos on the basis of built-in microphones. With both TRS cable and TRRS output cable included, it can be used on Smartphones, cameras, camcorders, audio recorders, PCs, and other audio/video recording devices.
BY-MM1 comes out in compact size and light weight aluminum constructure, it will not be a heavy burden while shooting.
Included inside with an anti-shock mount, which can effectively reduce unwanted vibration, cable, and handling noise.
Also included a furry windproof shield, which specially used for minimizing the wind and environmental noise for outdoor recording, make sure the sound crystal clear.

Compact on-camera microphone in Plug and play design
Compatible with IOS smartphones, DSLR cameras, Consumer Camcorders, Tablet Mac, PCs etc
Rugged metal construction
No battery required
Professional furry windshield included 
Transducer: Electret Condenser
Polar pattern: Cardioid
Frequency Response: 35-18KHz  /-3dB
Sensitivity: -42dB  /- 1dB / 0dB=1V/Pa, 1kHz
Signal to Noise Ratio: 76dB SPL
Plug: 3.5mm TRS and TRRS connector
Dimensions: Φ22*81mm
Net Weight: 86g/0.19 lb

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2. Azden Smx 15 Powered
Best Cheap Microphone For YouTube In India 2019
Best Cheap Microphone For YouTube In India 2019

The smx-15 from azden is a battery-powered super-cardioid shotgun microphone engineered to produce pro-quality sound for DSLRs and other compact cameras. Featuring the same microphone element as azden's professional shotguns (sgm-250 & sgm-250p), the smx-15 is capable of capturing broadcast-quality sound, and allows you to focus on sound in front of the camera while reducing the capture of extraneous noise from the rest of the environment.using the built-in +20 db gain booster to get a strong clean audio signal into your camera, the smx-15 minimizes the need to turn up noisy preamps usually associated with DSLRs, and also includes a -10 db pad to protect against distortion when recording in loud environments such as live concerts and motorsport events. furthermore, the microphone has a wide frequency response of 40 hz to 20 khz and has a full, natural sound. There is a low-cut filter switch for reducing low frequencies below 120 hz, which is useful for mitigating noise caused by air conditioners, wind, and traffic noise.

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I would say this is a great option for beginners to select here the Best Cheap Microphone For YouTube In India 2019.

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